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From original ideas, all the way through post-production, we know how to deliver the best production value.

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Damian Romay is an Argentinean American, film and television producer, writer, and director.

Damian has a Master’s degree from the University of Southern California’s prestigious film school. His work has participated in film festivals around the world and been recognized with the Jack Nicholson Directing Award, LALIFF's Best Story for a Motion Picture Award, the ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship, and 2 regional Emmy’s for writing and directing.

In 2015, Damian produced, wrote, and directed the films, Dangerous Lessons and Below the Surface for Marvista Entertainment.


Jacobo Rispa is an award-winning producer and director with an international career. In 2000 he won the Spain's Academy Award for his short On a perfect day.

In Spain, he directed and produced some of the most successful TV productions ever, like Hospital Central, Ugly Betty or Sin tetas no hay paraiso. His shows earned multiple awards like and got record-breaking ratings.

Jacobo's career spans for almost 20 years of directing and producing in countries like Spain, USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia. In 2015, Jacobo produced the movies Dangerous Lessons and Below the Surface, both for Marvista Entertainment.



Sunshine films is launching a new division focused on developing empowering movies for pre-teens.

“Shine” will produce live action films based on the life of real women who became role models.

Each movie will portray brave, strong, talented and extraordinary women who overcame difficulties to become who they are today, inspiring children to dream and reach for the stars.


Flavia Azar is VP of Development at Sunshine Film’s subdivision “Shine”. Under her creative vision Shine is producing inspirational and empowering movies for pre-teens.

Flavia, a mom of three, started her career in Los Angeles while getting her bachelors degree at UCLA.

Her passion for communications motivated her to work in the different media from radio to tv in the field of marketing. After a short period of time, she became the morning news producer for Univision Los Angeles making the newscast number one in its time slot.

In 2008 she moved to Miami with her husband and became the Executive Producer for the newscasts of an independent TV station. Under her leadership the news department grew in size and ratings.

Her love for telling human stories led her to develop “7 Dias” which got her her first EMMY® Award. Her experience, the passion she puts into everything she does, and her commitment to empowering young girls make her the perfect fit for her role in Sunshine Films.


Lori De La Parra is a media professional with over 20 years experience in marketing and advertising. She has worked for CBS Television and Univision Communications, connecting America’s largest brands with English and Spanish speaking consumers.

Lori is teaming up with Flavia Azar and Sunshine Films, to produce empowering movies for pre-teens.

As a mother of two, she is passionate about creating products that are designed to inspire youth.

Her expertise in storytelling through media will insure the successful promotion of these films to audiences in the US and international markets.



My Cousin Carmilla

Twelve-year-old Debbie Carlstein is a smart, sensitive, and awkward 12-year-old girl who is having a hard time adjusting to her new life in middle school. She’s tragically in love with Chance, a cool boy across the street who doesn’t even know she exists and an older girl named Evelyn with her stupid minions constantly make fun of her clumsiness.

When Debbie, finds out that her parents are going away for the Halloween weekend and leaving her with her great aunt Ilona who is practically deaf and blind, her two best friends, Kristy, a chubby girl who is obsessed with exercise and diets, and Zoe, a geek, who is obsessed with everything paranormal, suggest they throw a giant Halloween bash in her house to win over the kids from the new school.

Debbie, Kristy, and Zoe plan the best party ever while Evelyn does her best to spoil it. Three days before the event Debbie’s parents tell her that her older cousin, Carmilla, is coming to visit from Styria.

Debbie goes to the airport with her parents to pick up Carmilla, and what comes out is a tall, pale girl, with jet-black hair, and thick red lips, wearing a stunning black dress.

Debbie, takes Carmilla to school and everyone falls head over heals for this mysterious dark beauty. She scares Evelyn and the other bullies away, and gets the attention of all the boys with her seductive accent.

Debbie, is obsessed with Carmilla and wants to learn everything about her. She wants Carmilla to teach her how to be sophisticated like her. Carmilla on the other hand envy’s Debbie’s life. She says things in Styria are boring and America is very fun. Kristy and Zoe become a little jealous of Carmilla and all the time Debbie is spending with her. They both believe that Carmilla might actually be a famous vampire called Mircalla Karnstein but Debbie doesn’t want to hear it.

The day of the big party arrives and the three friends pull of a wild and memorable party while great aunt Ilona falls asleep watching TV. Everything seems to be going great until Debbie discovers that Carmilla and Chance have disappeared. Zoe and Kristy are now convinced that Carmilla is a bloodsucking monster that has taken Chance and will terrorize the whole neighborhood if they don’t stop her.

Now the three friends must run through the streets on Halloween night to find Carmilla and Chance before it’s late.

Inspired by “The Little Prince”
by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Written by Damian Romay

It’s the week before Christmas and Adam, a real-estate developer in his mid-thirties, is going through a difficult time in his life. His wife has recently passed away and now he must raise their very willful and imaginative five-year-old son all on his own.

On the day he goes back to work after his mourning period, he discovers that his business partner, Emilio, has scammed several of his clients and disappeared with the money.

Terrified that he will have to face a multi-million dollar debt, lose all his clients, and on top of that, go to jail, if he doesn’t find his business partner before the police find him, Adam pleads with his sister to take care of Ben while he heads out to find him. His sister is concerned about Adam but he promises to be back before Christmas.

That evening, as he’s leaving town, feeling hopeless and ruined, Adam sees a 9-year-old boy with bushy blonde hair standing in the middle of the train tracks as the train is about to cross. Adam quickly leaps out of his car and tackles the young boy saving him from the speeding train.

Adam wants to take the blonde boy back to his house so he can continue his search for his missing partner but the boy won’t tell him where he lives or who his parents are. Adam tells the boy to get in the car so he can take him to the police station but no matter how hard he tries he can’t get rid of the boy.

Eventually Adam gives up and decides to take the boy with him until he finds Emilio. Together Adam and the boy encounter strange characters and live through many exciting adventures. When Adam realizes the boy believes he’s the Little Prince from the famous children’s story Adam tries to persuade the boy that he’s delusional and needs to go back home to get medical help, but instead the boy convinces Adam that perhaps he really is the Little Prince.

As Adam and the boy go on an unforgettable road trip, Adam’s outlook on life begins to change as he rediscovers the power of imagination. With the little boy’s help Adam manages to find Emilio and he returns back home before Christmas with renewed hope and a new perspective on what is really essential.